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Sonkyo Energy and Windspot finalists of the 1st Energy and Environment Awards 2012

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Info Power & Info Enviro, the two leading environmental technical magazines for more than 15 years, are the official sponsors of the 1st Energy & Environment Awards 2012.  These awards acknowledge the achievements of the companies, institutions and individuals committed to energy and environmental projects.

There have been more than 80 nominees for the Awards, both from Spain and from Latin America. The most outstanding nomination categories have been the Career Path Awards in the Energy and Environmental Sector, Best Renewable Energy Project, Best Energy Efficiency Project, Best Water Management Project and Best Waste Management Project.

Sonkyo Energy and Windspot finalists of the 1st Energy and Environment Awards 2012Sonkyo Energy has been chosen among the three finalists competing in the Best Renewable Energy Project category. Our Windspot small wind turbines Project is now to be assessed by the jury.

If  you like our project, you can vote for Windspot at http://www.eeawards.eu/votaciones_candidaturas.php

This way you can help us getting the popular vote which will be added to the votes of the jury.

The winners will be announced during the Awards Giving Ceremony which will be held in Madrid on November 29th, 2012.

Sonkyo Energy manufactures small wind turbines. Windspot 1,5Kw, 3,5 Kw and 7,5Kw small wind turbines are sold and installed all over the world. We have distributors in more than 29 countries. Windspot is a reference in the small wind turbines sector. Windspot produces more than any other small wind turbine due to its variable pitch system, a patented technology which allows Windspot small wind turbines to keep on producing even at heavy wind conditions. The variable pitch system makes of Windspot the most efficient small wind turbine in its power range offering the highest durability and reliability.


New Windspot distributor in Vietnam to display at Greenergy Expo 2012.

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Eco-Solutions, the new distributor of Windspot in Vietnam, has been present at the "International exhibition on green energy & energy savings - Greenergy Expo 2012"” that took place from the 25th to the 28th of July.

The annual exhibition is the largest specialized event on electrical technology and equipment in Vietnam with over 200 exhibitors.

The whole range of small wind turbines Windspot models 1.5kw, 3.5kw and 7.5kw was display at the show drawing the attention of all the visitors and media.

There is a great potential for small wind power in Vietnam with an estimated 300,000 units market according to the Vietnamese Institute of Energy.


Small Wind Capacity powered Britain Surpasses US in 2011

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In 2011, Britain installed 23 MW of small wind turbines, according to industry sources. In comparison, the U.S. installed 19 MW of small wind capacity.


The small wind turbine industry in the U.S. relies on tax subsidies and net metering policies, says AWEA.


In contrast, Britain's microgeneration tariff is predicated on the "cost of generation plus a reasonable profit" model once a universal feature of electric utility rate regulation worldwide. In the British program, utilities simply pay a fixed tariff — or rate — for electricity from microgenerators. They then recover their costs from ratepayers as they do for any other generation.


Source of the news: renewableenergyworld.com