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Feed in Tariffs were introduced by the Government as a mechanism to scale up the deployment of renewable technologies and as a financial incentive to farmers, land owners, commercial and domestic electricity users in the UK for generating their own renewable energy.

Residents of England, Scotland & Wales, who have installed renewable energy technologies, including a small wind turbine, have been entitled to claim a Feed-in Tariff (FIT) on qualifying products since 1st April 2010.

The rate for WINDSPOT 3.5 small wind turbine is 21.65 pence per kWh generated. Increased revenue can be received by selling surplus energy back to the grid / distribution network operator at an additional 4.64pence per kWh.

In addition, you will get a reduction on your standard electricity bill, from using the energy you produce yourself. For individuals this income is tax free and for businesses this investment will qualify for 'writing down' allowances.

This incentive offers customers a fantastic return on investment as well as protection from rising costs of electricity purchased from the grid as this can now be off-set from generating your own renewable energy.

To be eligible for FIT incentives your WINDSPOT 3.5 must be installed by a MCS certified installer. Click here to see the list of WINDSPOT 3.5 installers.

WINDSPOT 3.5 is fully certified and eligible to receive the Feed in Tariff payments